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Checklist for your company

Our services in detail:

  • Expansion of sales
  • Liquidity and margin development according to items
  • Profitability increase according to items
  • Increase in inventory turnover
  • Effective seasonal stock sizes
  • Final stock determination
  • Disposal of surplus stocks
  • Purchase limits according to departments and target groups
  • Calculations I, II and III
  • Gross proceeds according to departments
  • Cost planning and cost handling
  • Business finance planning
  • Expert planning of new buildings and...
  • ... reconstruction according to goods
  • Purchase and sales planning
  • Setting of purchaser contingent fees
  • Human Resources
  • Human Resource contracts
  • Human Resource assignment planning
  • Overall marketing
  • Advertising budget
  • Display and window design
  • Percentage comparative figures according to items
  • Comparison of manufacturers
  • Financial Statements
  • Organization, auditing and appraisal

We will advise you on all matters concering your company.

If you are uncertain about anything, please talk to us. You will be glad you did.