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Trust our expertise

We have been providing successful management consulting solutions in the textile retail trade for more that 75 years.

A.G. Zentral Michael Greising

Strength means progress, progress means increased turnover. We combine old strengths with new management.

In 1926, Arthur Greising founded a management consulting company for the medium-sized textile retail trade. The organization has had over 75 years of success and is now managed in the third generation.

The first customers won by Arthur Greising, a true self made man, included famous companies such as „Hemden-Matz“ and „Rudolph Herzog“ in Berlin. In the years 1946/47, as the German economy gradually began to revive itself, Arthur Greising's consulting activities again gained in importance and when his son, Werner Greising, joined the company in 1955, they were able to substantially increase the circle of clients.

Most of the famous retailers who are linked to the „Greising Work System“ first came to us on the recommendation of previous clients. This is still the case today.

Since 1980, the third generation of the family, Michael Greisin, has been involved. When he first joined the organization, he introduced and implemented the internal computer system at the company, which has grown into a vast network. He too started his career as a retail trader and trade specialist, working his way up just like his predecessors.

We visit our clients on a regular basis and any problems which arise are solved together on site.

The value of out work system is shown by the references of first class profitable fashion houses and department stores who we have helped to substantially increase their respective turnover and profit margins to a level that others consider to be unattainable today.

The annual turnover of our associated companies varies between Euro 3 and 350 Million. Our organization is not a consulting form in the traditional sense - we are external members of the management and influence planning, trade data and costs as well as the goods availability of the associated companies.

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