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Profit from us

Most of our long-term customers are affiliated to the leading purchasing associations in Germany.Our area of work reaches from north to south.
If your company has an annual turnover between Euro 3 and 350 Million, you too could benefit from our help, just like other companies all over Germany have already done.

The experience gained from our work with a large number of successful companies will allow us to tailor and apply successful strategies to your organization. We will, of course, observe the confidentiality of your information and hence ensure protection from competitors.

What can you expect from us?

We will coordinate the purchases, the limits, the stock rotation, the calculations, the write-offs, the costs - the profits. We will support decision-making in both the marketing and human resource departments. In today's business world computers play an integral part. Yet without the proper software they are useless. We will provide the proper tools to ensure maximum computer efficiency.
We will look over all data from your short-term profit and loss accounts and reorganize them into the essential parts that are needed for our suggestions. Meetings of the management and department heads will then be held every three months at your company to discuss these, to you, new suggestions. The products will be discussed in the finest detail and a route for you to follow over the next period will be worked out. We will set the planned figures and make sure that they are being achieved.

Check how your company measures up to our checklist.